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Niecy Nash

Ugliest WIG in world award goes to.......

I haven't been feeling so good so please keep me and my family in your prayers.

First Lady Michelle is the BOMB!

Well, at least she has healed up fairly nicely

Sweet baby Jesus...

Usher's new arm tattoo

Check out Zoe Saldana's shoes!

Posh (Vicotia Beckham) is FIERCE

An Ode to my winter wardrobe..

I apologize for the interruption.

Do NOT try this at home! SERIOUSLY

Kim's boots are BANANAS!

I spy with my BIG eye...

Cute Couples over the weekend

30 and Fly! 40 and Fab!

30 and Fly! 40 and Fab!

WHY?? Sweet baby Jesus!!! WHY??

Huh-what, Say-what???

Ashanti's new hair cut

Is this a new trend we should expect to see on the Red Carpet?

Stimulus Deal Reached - $789 Billion

22 dogs + 1 incoherent lady = 1 smelly car

Business Spotlight: LaTeisha Thomas, CEO of IndieRecruiter

Is the media manipulating our perception of the Chris Brown and Rhianna fight?

PUSH - starring Mo'Nique, Mariah Carey, Paula Patton and introducing Gabourey Sidibe

Sorry for delayed posts..

Chris Brown has been arrested and charged with domestic battery!

Grammy 2009 - Live Blogging - Part 2

Grammy 2009 - Live Blogging

These are the baddest shoes so far in 2009

Introducing Janae - my first character

Usher cancels performance at the last minute due to a family emergency

Look at your favorite "country" cousin Fantasha

OMG! MIA - TI, Kanye, Jay Z, Lil Wayne at the 2009 Grammys!!!!!

A ROD and Steriods?

Reply to Anonymous' comments from my first post. PLEASE READ

OH NO! Diddy on CSI?

Long time coming