Grammy 2009 - Live Blogging - Part 2

Kanye and Estelle - So Estelle performed lived at the Bank Nightclub, the night of my birthday celebration in Vegas. And the club was in the hotel that we stayed in!!! (Bellagio). Unfortunately my boyfriend and I missed our flight and didn't get in until that Saturday morning, but my friend Tina and the rest of our crew made it and were kicking in VIP where she reports Estelle performed the best show EVER!!!!!!! I absolutely love American Boy and Kanye and Estelle killed it.

Adele just won a grammy for Chasing Pavements. (love that song) You can check out her video here. And apparantely performed it live and it sounds just as good!

SWAGGA LIKE US!!!!! I LOVE IT. The black and white - MIA is SO PREGNANT!! LOL Don't those guys look so FLY!! :) Kanye has AMAZING lyrical skills, Jay Z - If you look up Swagga in the dictionary, you will find a picture of HOVA! How did they make Lil Wayne look classy? LUVS the gray and black plaid scarf. TI - loves the unbuttoned white shirt, loosened tie. And I just saw SHONTA BROADUS in the audience!! LOVES HER..

You already know that I am voting this the best performance of the second half of the show! To see the performance click here.

Paul McCartney! *crickets*

Okay so I really don't need to watch anymore but I am holding on for the TI and Justin Timberlake performance.

I also saw the commecial for Diddy on CSI, and let's just say......I'M NOT IMPRESSED!

LOVES the lead guy from Radio Head. He is JAMMING! he makes me like the song they are performing. Well.. the beginning at least.........

Both Samuel L Jackson and Morgan Freeman looked distingushed. I would love to sit and have a conversation with either or both of them.

TI and Justin - My son is singing this song. WE LOVE IT
Oh! I've been traveling on this road too long, trying to find my way back home. The old me is dead and gone!.. DEAD and GONE!!

Smokie Robinson, the original Four Tops member Abdul "Duke" Fakir, Neyo and Jamie Foxx! Good Look Guys! Classy Performance

Lil Wayne + skinny jeans (tucked into some patent leather white air force one hi-tops) = a HOT MESS. Now the girls with the white hot pants on and the umbrellas, worked it New Orleans Style. Loved IT! Jay Z and Solange in the audience. I also see TI and Tiny and Nas..

Green Day smoked something good. LOL!

My Friend Glenisha loved the bluesy song from Robert Plant and Alison Krauss - when the set was blue and calm. (That Alison should eat a little more)

So that's all folks. And I didn't even miss Chris or Rhianna's performance. I am sure the net will be abuzzed with news of their "situation".


  1. M'kay...all in all I thought the Grammy's were VERY good this year! My favorite performance of the night had to have been "Swagga Like Us"! I loved the old "Rat Pack" vibe they had going on! I also LOVED Estelle and Nita mentioned...I had the opportunity to see Estelle perform it live in Vegas last year (sans Kanye)but GREAT performance none the less!

    LOVES the site Nita...keep it up!!!

  2. Thank you I'mJusTina! I KNEW you would love Swagga like Us.

    That should be our theme song.... :)


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