Introducing Janae - my first character

Looking out the window, Janae thinks to herself, it's a nice day. Sure, it's little cloudy, but it feels so good!!

Janae's 17 year old daughter screams as she walks into her bedroom. Thank you Traci. I say as I remind myself not to roll my eyes. I have told this child a million times not to yell at me. *breathe out*

Sure! Traci says as she obliviously walks out of the room.

Hey Girl, Hey! Calmly says Kimberly (Janae's best friend)
Hey Girl, pause Hey, I say as I laugh. Before we get into our normal conversation of gossip, relationships and work, I want to ask Kimberly about something that has been on my mind for the past couple of weeks.

So Kim!... Do you think I am too old to still be shopping in the JUNIORS department?

I hear a burst of laughter, immediately followed by WHAT??? Janae have you been drinking ?


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