Long time coming

I have been saying for years that I would start a blog and just address all the crazy people that call my mind home. Well today it happened. LOL!

I am still setting up this account so bear with me. My page will be a combination of entertainment news, gossip, fashion, current events, life has a soccer mom, a friend, a sister, a lover.. basically just me. Now understand, there are many layers to my personality. For the most part, people never really know what I am thinking. I used to always get in trouble as a kid for talking to much. Well guess what? That carried over into adulthood. So after failed relationships, friendships, jobs and everything else, I learned to think before I speak. So now, when you meet me in person, you pretty much only know what I want you to know.

Enter this phenomenon they call "writing".

Writing allows me to say all the things that I REALLY want to say, but often-times don't get to. This is the South. And my dad raised a traditional southern belle. Now mind you, in these travels of life, I did lose my way for spell, but you always come back to your roots. So my manners often only allow me to say things that are positive and uplifting. (Neutral) My characters get to be fiesty, bold, electric, demanding and without a care in the world. They also are emotional nutcases. *I wonder where that comes from?* My characters reflect my colorful life from my perspective as well as from people I have encountered along the way.

Unfortunately for those who know me, you are about to be OVERWHELMED with all of me. Hang on. It's going to be a bumpy ride.



  1. Hey, so I know I spelled phenomenon wrong. Sue me.. As my 11 yr. old daughter would say.. MY BAD

  2. Your life sounda alike mine....Overwhelmed is me! My relationship with my kids are no more not like it use to be....My daughter who knows it all has just been kicked out of the house My house. I love her but she is no longer a child....
    My son.... I was just listening to LiL Wayne Carter 3 Misunderstood sounds like him.....
    Sorry i am not taking over you blog just wanted to say I UNDERSTAND!
    I am moving back to Cedar Hill Sunday. Keep writing.

  3. Hey My friend! I think this is great! I think this will be a good outlet for you and as it builds, it will began to attract more people and you will see how you are helping and entertaining.. it would be really cool!

    Glad you decided to do this!

  4. It's Anonymous......I wanted to clear the fact that i neva compaired My sosn to LIL Wayne just the song....The background song is by Nina Simone "Misunderstood" Common also has a "misunderstood" both are very deep.
    Keep blogging sweetie....

  5. Hi Anonymous:
    Okay so I will listen to the song. I like Nina Simone and I like Lil Wayne as well as Common. I will check it out and I hope everything works out for you and your son and daughter. Thank you for your comments.


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