Is the media manipulating our perception of the Chris Brown and Rhianna fight?

I found this article from Myra Panache to be VERY intriguing. ( According to Myra:

"A fixer has obviously been brought in for damage control regarding Chris Brown. It's been widely quoted that Brown got physical with Rihanna because she allegedly gave him herpes. How does anyone know that? They were the only ones in the car and in the parking lot, only they know what was discussed. Pure speculation.

But, this explanation is being used as "justification" for the attack on Rihanna. Despite being the victim, due to this fixer "smear campaign," Rihanna is being bashed for provoking Brown into hitting her.

A fixer is planting stories in favor of Brown on every urban blog, so far, this strategy seems to be working. "
Source: Panache Report ; Photo ganked from Bossip

I have been surfing the net today and Myra is correct! I have read a MILLION stories of Rhianna giving Chris an STD or that Rhianna started the argument when she saw a call from a girl he was cheating with. I have heard of her violatile temper and that she was clingy girlfriend.

I am curious to know your thoughts on this. Was Chris justified or is this just a play through the media to manipulate us into accepting the innocence of our favorite POP artist (Chris Brown)?

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  1. I saw a picture of Rhianna's "supposedly" busted up face...the verdict is still out on that one because it looked to be photoshopped! She had long hair in the photo...but she has been wearing it short for a minute! Even though clebs are quick to toss on a just didn't look believable!

    I saw on a few other sites that said they got into an argument and Chris pulled his car over to make RhiRhi get out and walk...but when he did she took the keys and through them out the window. After Chris couldn't find them that FURTHER enraged him and that's when the ass whippin' began!

    IMO....I don't care how it all just shouldn't have happend!

  2. I feel it doesnt matter if she started fighting or not she is about 90 lbs she should not have bite marks and black eyes...He could have held her down....I dont believe the disease. It sounds like a rumor that was put together because noone knew what happened. I think its aweful as far as clingy and most pictures I see its him behind her like a puppy...He gets no pass


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