Reply to Anonymous' comments from my first post. PLEASE READ

Hey Anonymous: Girl, that's a trip huh?...
Life sure does know how to shake up things. Ish is getting hectic out here. (Ish - used to replace the curse word sh--; used to emphasis your point - while still being a lady). How old is your daughter? I personally think daughters are here to give us hell during those teenage years. I mean, name one daughter who didn't raise hell, at one point in thier lives. Some of us raised hell a litle (scratch) ALOT longer... years even! LOL (this sounds so familiar) You raised her, you will always love her. She will find her way.
okay so I will admit, I haven't listened to Lil Wayne's Carter 3, so you will have to entertain me. LOL Girl, What is he saying? What is your son saying actually. That's what I really want to know. If you are comparing him to Lil Wayne, that could be saying alot. 1. Lil Wayne is known throughout the world now, his finances "should" be straight. Hopefully he has a team around him to promote and protect his image. (Doubt it! Say this in your Disney Miley Cirus voice) Lately he has been displaying maturity in his interviews. BUT on the other hand, he grew up fast, living a fast life, in the streets with alot more pressure and danger. Which part is your son more reflective of.
Lastly, how are you? Are you okay? I know that anything dealing with our children is stressful. We want our kids to be happy, healthy and successful. We all want that for the youth in our lives. sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, kids of friends, friends of our kids, those we see while teaching in class or encounter in the grocery store. Knowing that you are influencing and responsible for someone else's life is STRESSFUL. Who wants to mess that up? I do know that you cannot help someone else if you are distracted, depressed and if you are not focused. You are also going to have to have a sense of humor. These kids are serious about what they stand for - whether you agree with it or not. So we have to be equally as strong, STRONGER. They are slick girl.. If I didn't know me, I would be thinking that they were slicker. But then I remember I REALLY WAS THAT AGE once and I was into alot, ALOT. So be prepared and ready to go to war, because they mean Bi-NESS. (Bi-NESS - abreviation for business. Should sound very ethnic and hip. Showing that this business is alot more elavated. Should generally be said with alot of empahsis to show you are serious).


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