Well, at least she has healed up fairly nicely

So I haven't posted much on the Chris/Rhianna allegations. But I was very curious to see the injuries. It's no secret that I absolutely adore Little Miss Sunshine. Her style game is off the chain. Shoes, bags, clothes, accessories.. It's like she can do no wrong. I haven't seen a picture of her that I didn't like.. WELL, that is since Good Girl Gone Bad. :) Anywho, it's good to see that her face is not permanently disfigured.

I pulled this photo from SandraRose. The title of her post is..."Her Injuries aren't that Horrific Pt. 1 & 2". The first post was in comparison to the TMZ photo the night of the alleged incident and the second post was referring to tonight's photo - which is the first photo of her post-incident. If you are interested in Sandra's theory and conclusions, check her out here.


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