Grammy 2009 - Live Blogging

Carrie Underwood is my favorite performance for the fist part of the show. Scroll down to find the link to her performance.

Dang, I liked Bono! I never knew I was a Bono fan until today. *mental note to download that song to my iPod*

Well didn't Whitney look beautiful! Yes, she was slurring her words JUST a Little. But what do you expect?I did read somewhere that crack kills brain cells. LOL But other than fumbling a few words, I was happy to see her. I stood up in my living and joined in the standing ovation.

Jennifer Hudson is looking spectacular and her acceptance speech brought a tear

OMG! Al Green (the AL GREEN), Justin Timberlake and Boys II Men. FABULOUS!!!! I didn't give Justin enough credit, he complimented Al's voice perfectly. Did they just have BOYS II MEN bumped down to background singers?? I'm insulted.. *snickers*

Jay Z and Coldplay - Cool Song.. I can dig it!! Purple suit-jacket guy is playing the H%LL out of that drum. :)

Carrie Underwood has great legs. She must work out often! Get it GIRL.. love the lady guitarist. I wonder if Beyonce inspired that? If you missed it, check it out here.

NOTE: I had to rewind Carrie's performance for my 11 yr old daughter, then again for my 13 yr old. She looked at me sideways when I told her that I think I like Country Music. Maybe I should have said I like Carrie Underwood, but I was really feeling her performance. It was very soulful. Definitely the best performance of the night.. so far.

Miley Cirus and Taylor Swift.. One word CUTE. Another reason to like country music. That song was too cute and I don't mind my daughters listening to it.

Jennifer Hudson, Goodness she has lost alot of weight. Although I know she probably lost it due to stress, she sure does look good! This is so hard for her. My heart just goes out.. *LOVES HER*

STEVIE WONDER and the Jonas Brothers?? Who would'va thunk it?? LMAO while jamming at the same time. Very superstitious, writings on the wall......
Jonas Brothers = Jackson THREE

DID I JUST SEE A SWIRLY CURLed BRAIDED BROTHER IN A FUR COAT burning up obviously because he's on the INSIDE? AWWWWWWWWWWWW! (Things that make me want to scream)


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