My friend is crazy. She makes me Laugh Out LOUD

sabrinalbowens: blain said look i aint watchin this nigga all nightsabrinalbowens: lmao

anita_alexander7: DAMMIT

sabrinalbowens: shut the hell up and beat it blain

anita_alexander7: RIP MICHAEL JACKSON

sabrinalbowens: tell him that its human nature!!

anita_alexander7: Ima go to sleep watchin him and Yep thats some human nature

sabrinalbowens: and im gone watch him til the break of dawn cause i wanna rock with you
sabrinalbowens: lmao

anita_alexander7: GIRL
anita_alexander7: SHUT YO MOUTH

sabrinalbowens: its just a damn thriller

anita_alexander7: U'se a FOOL
anita_alexander7: CUT IT OUT SABRINA

sabrinalbowens: he rocked my world you know he did!
sabrinalbowens: lol
sabrinalbowens: the way he makes me feel cause you know Im bad!!
sabrinalbowens: its easy as abc i told him!

anita_alexander7: look dirty diana

sabrinalbowens: lmao
sabrinalbowens: ok ok dont stop til i get enough keep on
sabrinalbowens: i asked him baby be mine!
sabrinalbowens: DAMN HE'S OUTTA MY LIFE
sabrinalbowens: BUT i'LL BE THERE

anita_alexander7: NO and MAM
anita_alexander7: You are not alone
anita_alexander7: I am here with you


anita_alexander7: LMAO

sabrinalbowens: ALL THE WAY TO 2300 JACKSON STREET
sabrinalbowens: LMAO

anita_alexander7: girl you a mess I'ma copy this shit and put it on my blog

sabrinalbowens: lmao
sabrinalbowens: oh lawwd naw
sabrinalbowens: ok

anita_alexander7: yes mam
anita_alexander7: Ima make u a STAR!!!
anita_alexander7: LOL

sabrinalbowens: lol
sabrinalbowens: shiiitt im a smooth criminal thats why they call me sookie! where you .... i want you back!!
sabrinalbowens: well im about to go check into heart break hotel
sabrinalbowens: cause im in a state of shock!
sabrinalbowens: Micahela is watching too... she never can say goodbye!!
sabrinalbowens: maybe we'll buy a pet rat and name him BEN!
sabrinalbowens: michaela can cause the girl is mine ... and she can buy her one if she wants!! i told her and she said:: mama!!! say say say !!!
sabrinalbowens: i hope we can go to a vigil... i got to be there in the morning!!
sabrinalbowens: let me stop!! raotf lmao
sabrinalbowens: ummm the way you make me feel!
sabrinalbowens: i cant help it if I wanted to!
sabrinalbowens: i wouldnt help it even if I could!!!
sabrinalbowens: color is not an issue cause it doesnt matter if you black or white!
sabrinalbowens: he gave me BUTTERFLIES!!!
sabrinalbowens: or maybe it was the man in the mirror i saw!
sabrinalbowens: ITS JUST THE PYT in me I guess!
sabrinalbowens: makes me wanna SCREAM!
sabrinalbowens: and JAM.....


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