Dirk.. Is this distracting your game?

So when I first heard the news blurb that someone was arrested at Dirk's house, I thought to myself.. Hmmmm, what's this all about? That thought quickly left my mind and was replaced with thoughts of of stringing up my kids for forgetting to do their chores.

Well low and behold, I was on the Dallas Morning News website this AM and saw this article that a woman was arrested on multiple warrants and a possible parole violation and she was Dirk's girlfriend. Apparently he hired a private dectective because he felt something wasn't right. (Obviously) and she the warrants have something to do with not paying for dental work and check by theft. But the bigger story is that a Gold Digger's web has been successfully unraveled.

Geesh! It seems these NBA fellas are a little slow to the game of Trapping... LOL (Plus she is a little harsh in the face but maybe she was crying her eyes out -or something?!?)

Catch the full story here.


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