Come on Mavs fans! We are better than this...

Okay, so I didn't watch the game last night because I definitely thought it was over for the Mavs so I missed all the chaos. I am still trying to sort out what happened but apparently Mark Cuban said some disparaging words to Kenyon Martin's mother. (this is so sad considering KMart is actually from Dallas and played at SOC). And last night the Dallas Maverick fans were booing and throwing things at Carmelo Anthony's finance - La La Vasquez and Kenyon's finance Trina as well as his mother. To see of La La clearly frustrated and upset being escorted out by Security.

Dallas, we have GOT to do better. This is DISGRACEFUL! Mavs owner Mark Cuban has since apologized and has offered Kenyon's family and Trina (I think) his personal suite and security if and when the series comes back to Dallas.
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