Two Things

I pulled from the Gary with the Tea segment of the Rickey Smiley Morning show. (97.9 the beat)

First he talked about Beyonce rocking the Louis Vuitton Ethic sandal and he also talked about how Jennifer Hudson and Fantasia performed in ATL recently (as Jennifer Hudson is touring with Robin Thicke) and he complimented Fantasia on her Chanel necklace and her Chanel gladiator sandal. Well I have a good photo of those shoes Beyonce wore and a video of Jennifer and 'Tasia singing. Check out a clear view of the shoes as the vidoe starts.

Photo credit: Young, Black and Fabulous


  1. DAMN...DAMN...DAMN....I need to marry into (I mean) make me some more money!!! Both pair of shoes are fiyah...and will make you cut a beyotch!!!!


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