Tweet (90's RnB sensation) has a cute daughter who can BLOW!

I just found out from my friend Necole Bitchie :-) (she's only my friend in my head) that Tweet has a teenage daughter who can SANG! and she is such a cutie pie too. I am posting a photo of Tweet and her daughter but you can check out Necole's site for more photo's of the beautiful and talented SheNice as well as a You Tube video of her singing with a dude who can blow most cats out of the water with his vocals as well. Check it HERE.


  1. She is a cute and VERY talented!

  2. I remember a few years back, Tweet took her to an award show. The girl was "tall" so they kinda looked like sisters then.. She was telling folks to watch out for her daugther and that she can sing..Wow and here she is....


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