Monica's fly Gucci Shades

Are my eyes deceiving me or do I spot the Gucci stripe on Monica's shades. I think I need those to go with the shoes Beyonce was rocking over the weekend. (Oh and BTW, standing next to Monica is Diamond formerly of Crime Mobb - yea I don't really remember that group either :-o! )

I also wanted to include this picture of TI with Monica. He's such and intense and animated little dude! (loves him to pieces)

Updated to say: I guess those extra smedium jackets are trying to become a trend. I don't think I can jump on that band wagon. Wearing clothes that look like they belong to your younger brother (or oldest son in TI's case) is NEVER a good thing.

*Nita shakes head in disgust* :-( Still love you to pieces though.

Spotted at NecoleBitchie.


  1. The shades are FIYAH...but please don't tell me that Monica is rocking the short haircut in the front/long hair in the back?!?!?!

    That is one style that will not go back to no matter how back in it is.....LOL!!!!!

  2. Nita did you make up that word "smedium".. that is s,oooo killing me right now! rotfl! That is the perfect name for those jackets.. I hate the sh*t outta those jackets!


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