Is getting licks really considered a bad thing?

Most of you who know me either went to Lincoln High School with me, or you know that I went there. (I'm a proud Tiger) Anyway, I remember when my friend (Glenisha) and I had to go to Papa Bear to get licks for skipping class. It was only 3 (or maybe 5) licks but I felt so bad because that was my first time getting licks from the principal. He hugged us afterwards and told us not to skip Mr. McKenzie's Calculus class again. I was just happy he didn't call my mom. That was the norm back then. If you get in trouble, you get licks. 21 licks seems a bit extreme but I don't know the full story. I do know that there are times that I wish I had a canoe paddle to get with some of these disrespectful teens today. (I am in no way saying the young man was disrespectful) but the thought of getting licks made me never want to skip class again. I know some parents are touchy about this, but our sensitive society (IMHO) is creating a bunch of spoiled kids who lack respect for those in authority. I have several friends who are teachers who say we don't really know how our kids are acting in school. Maybe if they feared corporal punishment, they would act a little differently. :-(

Anyway, so here is a link to the Dallas Morning News story of a Lincoln High School coach who stands accused of administering corporal punishment to one of the students of the football team. Leave your thoughts about this in the comments section. Full story

Source: Dallas Morning News


  1. I don't think it's a bad thing at all! As a matter of fact...if other principal's jumped on the band would be a lot more safer.

  2. I never got them here in Dallas, but I did maybe once or twice in La. I was in Elementary. I know it is hard to beleive but it was for fighting! lol Mr. Dixon gave licks based on what you did.. the worse it was the harder it was.. but I think it was always 3-5 licks. It was pretty standard there in every school and I think it still is.


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