I was checking out Huffington Post's site and ran across an article about First Lady Michelle Obama and her choice of designers while in Europe this past week. I see the First Lady is a style icon and the entire world is watching with the heavy-weights in fashion whining about "Why not me?"

LOL - Oscar de la Renta is fuming because while he understand the First Lady wearing recession conscience labels (we are in a recession and he really isn't understanding) - he still thinks it's wrong to go in one direction (Nita laughs out loud at that thinly veiled humor). While Donna Karan just hopes to dress and meet Michelle Obama one day.

What are your thoughts? Is Michelle Obama wrong for wearing J. Crew and making it look like a million bucks? Is she wrong for supporting one her personal favorite designers - Jason Wu.

I don't think she is but the big wigs seem to be crying foul.. Check out the full story here.

Source: Huffington Post


  1. I think she is our modern day Jackie O....keep it fly/simple first lady!!!!

    No and ma'am on the hair comment...all she needs is a good wrap minus the volume on the sides...LOL!!!

  2. I have to agree with the above comment.. I always think "black Jackie O" when I see Michelle! This is the ONE woman I would love to meet one day really soon! As for as her rockin J. Crew.. My gosh.. she really does make it look like a million bucks.. I guess that is why I am not into labels.. "make the clothe look good".. And to hell with old ass Oscar and Middle aged Donna!

  3. Teesh - spell correctionApril 8, 2009 at 6:47 PM

    I meant CLOTHES... geezis!


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