Hot Sex on a Platter.....

Do yall remember that song from the 90's? I think A Tribe called Quest sang it. I am going to look for that song and post it later.

Okay, so that is the song that plays in my head EVERY TIME I see Mr. Idris Elba. That is sexy personified!!!

He plays in the movie "Obsessed" with Mrs. Beyonce Knowles-Carter that hits theatres today. So Gary with the Tea (97.9 the beat) said that it was a good movie. I am just going to reserve judgement until I see it. While having Mr. Elba in the movie definitely puts it in Upgrade status, I am less than thrilled with Beyonce's acting skills. Love her as a singer, but an actress... not so much.......

Hey, she could prove me wrong. I do recall that I didn't like Halle Berry as an actress early in her career. I just thought that she, like Beyonce didn't portray a wide enough range of emotions. Another thought could be that both are just so beautiful that people find it hard to take them seriously.. IDK. What I do know right now is that I am a little anxious to see the movie.

Here are some pictures of Bey and her mom, courtesy of Natasha at YBF.

Nice Christian Louboutin's! :-)


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