Could this be true?

According to Sandra Rose, this is Bow Wow's tranny lover.

to catch Sandra's full story and see more pictures of the young lady-man click here. Scandal!!!!!


  1. Ooooh Kay.. Imma go read the story.. but see man.. look at this sheboy..OMG.. they trip me out.. okay.. I sometimes go to this spot on Cedar Springs with my bestest and favoritest lezzi couple called Havana. 'They have these drag shows on Sundays and I SWEAR. somma them dudes are sooo NOT DUDISH! they look soooo much like real women! Big ole /butts and hips and breast.. they sometimes put real women to is absolutely a "must see"!!!! then some are "freak shows" then some of the "real" women look like sheboys and the "real" boys are just too cute.. I mean "abnormally" cute!.. Okay.. getting light-headed and confused!!!!! brb..

    Okay.. im back.. you should just go..Make it a fun night and just go.. to this day my mouth is still open in amazment. I am not quite a "regular" yet.. but I have my favorite performers and get all excited when they come they are "faith evans" (fav singer) or somebody. I just want to know where they get them shots.. so I can have a bigger butt! lol

  2. OMG Teisha...have been to a couple of those shows before! They always acknowledge the straight people in the audience before the performances begin and I clap everytime to let those lesbo's know....."don't EVEN try it over her homegirl...LOL".

    As for Bow Wow's shim....that is just NASTY!!!!

  3. Yep! they do! The dude that host this show looks like a VERY UGLY Ricky Smiley character.. (that church lady) He called me ummmm.. dam.. um... D-? Clark.. she is one of the clark sisters.. I can't think of her name. I have no idea why he called me her..LOL.. but he came to the table and he was like.. sooo what is it you don't like about women.. its allot p*ssy in here and these men don't want cha gurr!!!! I just cracked up and complimented him on his thigh high pleather boots and watched the show! LOL.. the place is quite chill.. nobody makes pushy moves or get's out of line.. everybody is respectful..... as austin powers says.. you knooww.. it's just for shits and giggles baybeee! lol


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