Our youth are in so much trouble..

I wanted to share these stories with you:

The First story involves a 17-year old teen (Desiree Sanders - pictured above) who was pulled over by the police and arrested after it was determined that she was smoking marijuana with her 6 month old in the car. Oh! and BTW, she is pregnant (yep and smoking MARIJUANA) AND she has twins that she lost custody of. This will be the 4th child for the unfit 17 year old teen. Full story here.

The second story is of two girls who decided they were going to fight over a boy at 2am this morning. One of the girls struck the other girl with a lead pipe approximately 3 times in the head before she was tackled (by the girl who was hit with the pipe). Full story here.

Finally, for the third story, we have the ex-principal (Donald Moten) of SOC holding cage fights for the students. Apparently he sent troubled students to a steel utility cage for these fights. OH! And the DISD hired Moten despite his checkered history at the Dallas Police Department – one that included staging his own kidnapping and the fatal shooting of an elderly crime-watch volunteer. Moten resigned last year after an investigation found that he coerced teachers into changing athletes grades. Needless to say, SOC was stripped of its 2006 state basketball championship. He also held unauthorized pep rally fundraisers that were used to fund personal gambling trips. Full story here.

Excuse my language BUT - they all need a swift kick in the AZZ. This madness is on a whole other level. Pipe-weilding, pregnant pot smoking and Gangster Principles are a little too much for me to handle.

Source: Dallas Morning News


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